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Quantum Bus

Toyota Quantum Bus

Available in Lusaka





Fuel Typesdiesel


Air Conditionertrue


The Toyota Quantum is a versatile and reliable minibus that is ideal for transporting large groups of people in comfort and style. With its spacious and well-designed interior, the Quantum can accommodate up to 12 passengers and provides ample legroom and headspace for a comfortable ride. Equipped with air conditioning and entertainment systems, the Quantum ensures a pleasant and enjoyable journey for all passengers. With its advanced safety features and durable construction, the Quantum is a great choice for corporate events, family vacations, and school trips. Whether you need transportation for a large group or want to travel in style and comfort, the Toyota Quantum is a great rental option that won’t disappoint.

Following for FREE:

Free Cancellation 24Hr+
Comprehensive Insurance
GPS Navigation
K2800 /day
Pick-Up *
Return *
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Important Information


An incident deductible is AUD 3000.00 including tax.
Car Theft Franchise is AUD 3000.00 including tax.

Collateral at the front desk

A car rental company is required to provide a deposit of AUD 3000.00 upon receipt of the car. The mortgage will be returned after the end of the lease, if all conditions are fulfilled.

Mileage / Kilometers

Your rental includes an unlimited number of free miles.

Age requirements

The minimum rental age for this car is 18 years.

Getting a car

Passport or ID is required.
An international driver’s license is required if the national driver’s license is not printed in English.

Payment methods

The primary driver must have a credit card in his / her name when picking up the car. The card must have sufficient funds available to cover the amount of the deductible / down payment (which will be blocked on the card during the rental).

Cash and debit cards are not accepted.


Insurance coverage

Collision damage waiver (CDW): Includes 20% tax; Excess 1,205 GBP

Theft waiver (TW): Includes 20% tax; Excess 1,205 GBP

Third party liability protection (TP): Includes 20% tax; Maximum Coverage Unlimited.

The Excess Liability is the amount determined by the car rental supplier for which you can be held liable in case of damage/theft of the vehicle. Damage to or loss of tyres, windscreens, glass and undercarriage may not be covered by the CDW (Collision Damage Waiver). Please check with the rental agent at the desk.

If you purchase the Excess Reimbursement Insurance from a third party, the main driver will be required to present their credit card at the rental desk in order for the car rental agent to authorize the deposit.

Breakdown assistance

Includes 20% tax